Our Advantage

Diverse, Committed Professionals

Renaissance Wine Merchants is a diversified and dynamic, entrepreneurial company with professional management meeting the increasingly challenging conditions in our market. We achieve this through brand building, use of technology, customer service, feedback systems and a strong balance sheet.


Branching out: A diverse and persistent team of committed professionals with long term, practical experience.


Brand Building

Renaissance is the leading agency in Western Canada focusing on premium, quality wine, spirits and ready-to-drink brands.

Renaissance is committed to building brands at both ‘on’ and ‘off-premise’ accounts including major chains. We provide customer mail-outs of our monthly product portfolio, LTO's and new products information sheets.

Our very high “staff to case sales ratio” means our suppliers gain valuable focus for their brands.



Renaissance creates custom in-house Point of Sale materials using progressive computer software and modern design and production methods.

We use online technology extensively to allow our customers and suppliers access to the most up-to-date information through our secure (and easy-to-use) online product and supplier databases. The web site is also designed to keep all of our staff up-to-date with what's happening on the ground too!


Customer Service

Renaissance has unparalleled knowledge of the market and the products demanded. We provide customers with a 1-800 number and phone assistance between 8am and 5:30pm.

We offer on-site product sampling and education sessions, custom Menu & POS printing as well as in-house staff training & educational seminars for restaurants, clubs, hotels and retailers.


Supplier Feedback Systems

We provide brand tracking reports, regular depletion reports and sales analysis by product and customer. Renaissance also offers annual goal setting and projections.


Corporate (Finance)

Renaissance is well managed, financially healthy and sound. Smart inventory administration and efficient use of our resources help us grow, help our suppliers grow and ensure we maintain sufficient inventory requirements to supply our customers.

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